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Hey and welcome!

My name is Silverline and I'm going to tell you about some history of the guild Lethal Insanity.

In the end of 2009' we had four people named (Steve) Triipp, (Veronique) Sensatiion, (Kevin) Aiwacko and (Zowie) Silverline who decided to make a guild and after many debates about the name we came up with the "Lethal Insanity" - "Lethal" because we had some basic knowledge we picked up on raiding on our previous guild and "Insanity" because we all had a little wacky personalities.

After setting up some basic rules we started to recruit members and in just few weeks we were able to start up some raids like the Naxxramas at first and soon after the Ulduar.

We continued with doing all the raids up to the cataclysm raids. As today we have grown up to be a friendly social and active guild who mainly focuses on PVE and doing achievement runs in older raids.


See you there!

Greetings from the staff of Lethal Insanity.

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Downed Majordomo Staghelm

Gitec, Oct 24, 11 3:18 PM.
Ass u can see we r at Ragnaros , we Downed Majordomo after 1st try today , well done all , lets get Ragnaros now !!

5/7 FL Normal , Downed Alysrazor

Gitec, Oct 21, 11 12:54 PM.
Hey all , like News says , we downed Alysrazor Tuesday , Gratz all .

Now we r going for Majordomo Staghelm !!
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